🎄 Special Holiday Brush Pre-Order!  ❄️ 


My 10 Piece Abstract & Florals Acrylic Paint Brushes Are Back!

🎁 Get yourself (or someone you love) a gift that will spark lots of creativity this year!


These custom brushes Are perfect for aLL of my classes, and the sizes I chose are ideal for any artist who loves to create Beautiful floral & abstract paintings! 💐

🎨💐Abstract & Florals Brush Set (10pc)

Suzanne Allard Designs Official Custom Brush Set


What's In This Abstract & Florals Set?!🎨💐

Here's what is included in this awesome set!

3 Round Brushes - Super versatile brushes that are perfect for all kinds of mark making, especially leaves and detailed elements!
Comes in sizes: 4, 6, 8

4 Bright Brushes - The larger ones are great for coverage and creating texture, the smaller ones are my go to’s for a loose and painterly look. Also fabulous mark making tools!
Comes in sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10

1 Liner Brush - Makes great lines, stems, dots, circles, organic marks and swirls. This one is a lot of fun!
Comes in size: 2

2 Filbert Brushes - I love filberts because you get the same painterly look as the brights but with a soft edge for florals or for marks that you want to be a bit softer. They are also great for blending!
Comes in sizes: 4 and 7

...and you know how much I love a touch of metallic gold in my work so of course I had to design brushes with gold on them!✨💜

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Don't miss out, these will sell out fast and we are unsure when we will have more!

What Makes These So Special?

Japanese Nylon

Japanese Nylon Bristles Offer Excellent Liquid Holding Capacity That Results in an Easy, Consistent Smooth Flow of Paint.

Premium Materials

From Premium Japanese Nylon Bristles To the Copper Gold Plating On The Ferrules, To The Fine Pad Printing And Color Dipped Handles, My Biggest Focus With These Brushes Was Quality, Quality, Quality!

Curated Brushes

Complete with 10 different sizes & shapes, this brush set will help you tackle nearly all of the variety of techniques taught across all of my classes!


Pre-Order Commonly Asked Questions!

  • WHAT IF I NEED TO CHANGE MY ADDRESS BEFORE THEY SHIP? This is no problem at all! Simply email us at hello@artwithsuzanne.com and we will update your address on file to ensure they get shipped to the correct address. 
  • IS THERE A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE? Yes. We offer a full refund on the Abstract & Florals Brush Set for up to 14 days after receiving your order if you are not satisfied with the product. No questions asked. 
  • DO I NEED TO BE LOCATED IN A SPECIFIC COUNTRY TO PURCHASE? No. The brushes can ship internationally, so you can order them no matter where you live!
  • ​​WILL THE BRUSHES LOOK DIFFERENT IN PERSON? The answer is yes, slightly. Due to different phone screens, web browsers, etc... the final products coloring/appearance may be slightly different compared to the pictures shown. They will be Suzanne’s signature turquoise color, with brushed gold ferrules and her logo on them.
  • ​WHEN WILL MY BRUSHES SHIP? Brushes are shipping now! The sooner you get your order in, the sooner we will be able to process it and ship them to you.



Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us! That is why we offer a FULL REFUND for up to 14 days after receiving your order if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase!