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Hey Artists! Want 5 Detailed Classes That Will Help You Paint Amazing Florals In Multiple Different Styles?

Techniques That Will Help You Paint More Versatile & Confident Florals!

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Easily capture the joy & excitement of florals with these unique colors & different styles!
This 5 class collection will allow you to easily paint amazingly vibrant & colorful floral designs!
'Vibrant Florals Collection'

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Do you want your friends & family to see your paintings and think... "WOW!"

For the longest time, I did too!

The problem is, most people simply don't know...

  • Which art supplies to use so you can paint the vibrant colors and details you imagine in your head...
  • ​Creating the perfect color palette so that your flowers truly stand out...
  • ​Understanding how to use details that give your florals uniqueness and character...
  • ​How to possibly get the same detail on larger paintings as they can on small, sketchbook paintings...

Creating an impressive painting seems easy enough as an idea in your head... but actually putting it on the paper is often a whole different story!

From The Joyful Bouquet Series

What If I Told You...


Most people don't realize the major mistakes that many new artists make... and how to avoid them.

I want to help you AVOID these mistakes when painting your new designs!

Look at the some of the stunning floral decor we will create together!

Chubby Bouquet

Stunning, Dramatic Bouquet

5 Floral Painting Classes & Techniques!

  • Joyful Bouquet: Layer greenery and floral elements to get a rich and joyful look.
  • Stunning, Dramatic Bouquet: Step by step techniques to creating a colorful bouquet with a darker, dramatic background.
  • Chubby Bouquet: Use proportion and composition to achieve fuller looking flowers.
  • Abstract Botanical Garden: Learn how to find inspiration to create beautiful florals with abstract effects.
  • ​Loose Florals: Practice using playful and loose techniques to create soft florals.

Whether you have painted before, or never even picked up a brush, this class will allow you to create paintings that impress your friends, while keeping the process simple & attainable!

Abstract Botanical Garden Collection

"Vibrant Florals is perfect for the aspiring artist that want short, easy to follow lessons, and the confidence to make it happen!"

Take a Look At What We Will Learn in the Class!

  • ​Inspiration for blooms and colors
  • Deciding on orientation, composition, and colors
  • ​Sketching the basic composition
  • ​Paint layers of blooms and leaves
  • ​Add details and shading to make art come alive
  • ​Flattening and protecting your painting for framing

"I'll take you step by step through creating colorful flowers and bouquets!"

Create Stunning Florals Today!

  • Simple Lessons: Easy to follow lessons that will leave you with the knowledge and processes to advance your skills, and upgrade your floral paintings! 
  • Unlimited Applications: Don't just learn how to copy my paintings, learn how you can apply the techniques I teach to anything you want to paint!
  • 5 Floral Techniques: Paint a joyful bouquet, a dramatic bouquet, an abstract botanical garden, loose florals, and a chubby bouquet
  • Access to Community: Engage with aspiring artists, expand your art community, and get inspired!

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