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The Single Best Way To Explore Your Creativity & Style When Creating Abstract Paintings!

Watch this video to see how this bundle of two abstract art classes can transform your paintings & improve your confidence! 👇 

Are you ready to finally feel like you can loosen up & create loose, freeing abstracts in a way that feels like you're not even trying?

Start seeing how you can transform the way you paint by creating colorful, vibrant, and freeing abstracts on large canvases & paper!

'Happy Abstracts Collection'

(Bundle of two amazing abstract classes!)

Normally $97

On SALE: $37 $27

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Abstract painting can feel complex, challenging, and even daunting  at times.

Many people don't know how to plan their abstract art...

...They don't even know where to get inspiration...

...and that keeps most people from ever getting started!
That doesn't have to be you!
I spent years feeling this exact same way... And there are simple techniques & ideas you can apply today to simplify the process & paint the abstracts you always wanted to paint! 

    In these two classes we will cover...

    • How to collect inspiration for an abstract piece!
    • How to make marks with various tools and mediums!
    • How to add transformational details, unifying the piece and making it come alive!
    • ​And Plenty More!

    Maybe you’ve been painting and would like to loosen up and be less literal or realistic...

     Or maybe you’ve never painted, and you’d love to learn how to create an abstract composition. 


    Abstract Painting Made for You!

    • Demonstrations: Including real-time demos, a thorough explanation of the process I use, and professional guidance for each painting!
    • ​Multiple Modules: Explore techniques, supplies, and color correction in easy to follow modules!
    • ​Two Abstract Techniques: Learn how to paint abstract with white space backgrounds, and an abstract garden!
    • Community:  Join several other aspiring photographers, gain confidence, and enjoy interacting with other students! (FREE!)

    A $297 value..

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