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Do you dream of painting on canvas, but lack the confidence to actually try it?

ARTISTS - What If I Told You...

Many Of The Beautiful Canvas Paintings You Love Are Actually Easier To Paint Than You Think!

And you don't have to struggle or waste expensive materials!

Imagine... FINALLY  feeling confident creating the abstract canvases you've always envied other artists making. I'm going to show you the secrets to creating a perfect canvas painting - EVERY TIME!

See how this class can make abstract canvases feel easy & fun! 👇

Learn the simple, step-by-step process you can use every time to go from a blank canvas to incredible masterpiece without struggling or wasting materials!

'Colorful Abstract on Canvas'

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Do you feel ready to start painting on a canvas, but worry that you'll just ruin it with messy blobs of paint?  

If that's you... You're in the right place! I used to feel this way too!

After years of struggling, I was finally able to figure out exactly how to make painting on a canvas easy, fun, & enjoyable - without feeling like I was constantly messing up!

I created Colorful Abstract on Canvas so you can take your paintings to the next level and work on a canvas. Whether you are still a beginner, or if you are a seasoned artist, this class is FULL of my best kept secrets to create that perfect canvas painting every time!

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Does This Sound Like You..? 
  • ... you lack the intuition on what do do next, which stops you from ever taking the leap to paint on a canvas
  • ... you are sick of all of the YouTube tutorials & online articles that only overwhelm you with opinions & different styles, and don't know what to try next
  • ... you wish someone would just take the time to explain their process to you, so you can gain some inspiration of your own.

Join me in this Relaxing, Joyful & Colorful Painting Adventure on Canvas!


'Colorful Abstracts on Canvas'

This class will take you step by step through painting a colorful abstract with some botanical elements on a 12x12 canvas. Learn to play with bright colors and tone them down so that the composition works.

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Here's what you can expect from this class!

Together We Will Simplify The Abstract Painting Process...

  • Picking a colorful palette that looks awesome on any canvas
  • How to paint a background the right way so that your painting has the best possible foundation
  • How to take inspiration in bits from different photo’s that you take
  • How to study a painting and make sure it’s unified and has good composition.
  • How to subdue colors so that the composition works.
  • How to paint gouache on top of acrylic
  • Finish a colorful abstract painting for your home!

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Unlike other programs and courses...

This class is designed for anyone to create abstract canvases, regardless of your skill level or painting experience!

My goal when creating this class was to cover the fundamentals, but do so in a way that is valuable and fun for painters of ANY skill level, not just beginners!

Maybe you’ve been painting and would like to learn how to approach different styles of abstracts or maybe you’ve never painted. Either way, come along and be inspired and supported while you learn to create with an encouraging teacher guiding you.

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It's Time To Stop Letting The Canvas Scare You!

Start creating beautiful canvases that you can display on your wall, give as gifts, or even sell!

I’ll show you everything I’ve learned to get past the blank canvas easily, how to use inspiration and color as your guides so that you can have a stress-free painting journey. 

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Start creating your own 
abstract paintings today!

  • Demonstrations: Including real-time demos, a thorough explanation of the process I use, and professional guidance for each painting! ($87)
  • ​​Multiple Modules: Explore techniques, supplies, and color correction in easy to follow modules ($67 Value)
  • ​Unlimited Applications: Don't just learn how to copy my techniques, learn how you can apply the techniques I teach to any painting! ($43 Value)
  • ​An Entire Sketchbook Collection One Course! Don't walk away with just one painting, create your very own collection in your sketchbook! ($100)
  • ​Access to Community: Engage with aspiring artists, expand your art community, and get inspired! (PRICELESS)

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Join Today For Only: $47!

Before the course is over, you will have painted all of these & have the confidence to create your own unique, canvas abstracts... GUARANTEED!

Are you Ready?

It's time to take back your creativity!

Start Creating Amazing Paintings Today In 'Colorful Abstract on Canvas'


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