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These simple techniques make painting entire sketchbooks of florals easy & approachable!

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The truth is... the real secret to painting florals is following an easy & effective process in a sketchbook! 💐

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"Fresh & Fun Sketchbook Florals"

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Are your floral paintings starting to feel a bit too... predictable?

Whether you've painted florals before or not... You probably know how it feels when your floral paintings just never turn out like you want them to. 😩 

This class is designed to fix that.

No more staring at blank pages... No more wondering where to start...

We're going to walk through every step together!

Ready to get started? 👇 

Here's how the 24 easy to follow lessons are organized! ⬇️ 

>> Class Structure

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Lavender Dreams
  • Module 3: Tossed Flowers
  • Module 4: Leaf Lovelies
  • ​Module 5: Lake Michigan Mandevilla
  • Module 6: One Color Beauty
  • Module 7: Blue Vase Twins
  • Module 8: Airy Bouquet
  • Module 9: Hellebore Happiness
  • Module 10: Wrap Up

I was able to overcome my own creative struggles & frustrations by painting florals in an art sketchbook!

And I can help you accomplish the same!

In My Opinion... Painting in sketchbooks is the BEST way to learn!

We will fill our sketchbooks with a variety of super fun styles!

You'll see how sketchbooks help you turn into a more confident and skilled artist.

Here are the game-changing benefits you'll get from this format:

  • Portable Practice: Sketchbooks allow limitless practice anywhere, fostering on-the-go artistry and continuous learning.
  • Technique Exploration: Sketchbooks offer a pressure-free zone for mastering diverse artistic techniques, with this class guiding you through.
  • Artistic Growth: Sketchbooks serve as a visual timeline of your progress, highlighting your transformation and boosting motivation.

By the end of this class, you'll have a sketchbook with beautiful floral paintings that are admired by all!

This is no ordinary painting class...

Unlike other programs and courses...

This process works for ANY artist & ANY skill level!

This class benefits both new and seasoned artists, fostering creativity and decision-making that can lead to fresh techniques, discoveries, and help refine your unique style.

  • Paint 10 gorgeous paintings in your sketchbook with detailed, step-by-step guidance, enhancing your artistic skills while producing beautiful art.
  • Experiment with distinct color combinations, offering a variety of styles in this class, broadening your understanding of color dynamics and unlocking the potential of your palette.
  • Engage with a wide assortment of subjects and styles, allowing you to experience a broad spectrum of artistic possibilities, encouraging experimentation and helping you find your unique creative voice.
  • Paint various subjects including a couple of floral pieces—one loose, one bouquet—a simple landscape, a Matisse-inspired portrait, an abstract piece influenced by my recent trip to Italy, a vibrant abstract, and a still life/abstract featuring pots. This will help you explore different themes and techniques, fostering versatility in your artwork.

How Fun Would It Be To Fill A Sketchbook With Beautiful Floral Paintings Just Like These?

Sketchbook painting will allow you to explore new ideas & create fun designs quickly, without pressure or feeling like everything needs to be perfect!

The learning does not stop there!

By joining this class today you will gain exclusive access to a live painting session with me in August!

Students of mine LOVE joining these live painting sessions! Here's why:

  • We will create additional paintings NOT included in the current class lessons
  • You can interact with both me & fellow artists and draw inspiration from the work you see in the painting session
  • Ask questions about the class, things you are struggling with, or general advice for me to answer on the live call!
This unique workshop isn't found in most other classes!

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Introducing Your Artistic Guide!

Hi I'm Suzanne Allard

and my passion is creating art that exudes joy and encouraging others to express their creative spirit which I believe we all possess. I didn’t start painting until I was about 52 and I have learned just about everything I know in online classes just like this. I now license my art for products, sell originals, prints and various products on my website as well as teaching online. In fact, I now have about 40,000 online students across the world! 

I love reading your notes about how you’re rediscovering your creative selves!
I used to be terrified at the thought of learning to paint. I had always done something creative like knitting, felting or quilting but I thought painting was for “real artists” and I didn’t think that was me. So that’s why I’ve become the teacher I needed: super encouraging and real, relaxed, fun, and not overly technical or rigid. In this class we are paring things down to the essentials to help us expand our confidence and knowledge of color and brushes as well as inspiration sources. 

I'm excited to have you join us!

See how your paintings can be changed with...

Fresh & Fun Sketchbook Florals

Get Instant Access To All Of These Benefits!

  • Demonstrations: Gain insights with 20+ videos, comprehensive process explanations, and expert guidance for each artwork! (Valued at $287)
  • Comprehensive Modules: Delve into techniques, materials, and color correction through easily digestible modules. (Valued at $67)
  • ​Versatile Techniques: Learn not just to mimic my techniques, but also how to adapt them to any floral painting you create! (Valued at $43)
  • A Sketchbook Gallery in One Course: Don't settle for a single painting - develop your very own sketchbook collection! (Valued at $100)
  • Image References: The course also includes images of each of the 10 paintings we create, serving as a handy reference for your artistic journey (Valued at $197)
  • Community Access: Connect with fellow artists, broaden your artistic network, and fuel your inspiration! ($$$ Invaluable)

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