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Have you ever wanted to paint your very own greeting cards?

What if you had the ability to...

Create Your Own Beautiful Floral Greeting Cards!

Perfect for cherished gifts or special notes for ANY special occasion!

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These floral greeting cards are STUNNING, and are a gift to both the recipient AND you, the artist!

This class includes dozens of floral designs... But that's not all!

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Let's Paint...

Floral Greeting Cards!

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Have you ever dreamed of giving an unforgettable gift?

I Always Did, Too!

😫 I could never find a card that truly felt personal

🚫 I didn't believe I had the creativity to create hand-made cards myself

🗑 I knew most of my store bought cards usually ended up in the trash bin

Now that I have a process I love... I want to show it to you!

So YOU can create beautiful cards that EVERYONE will cherish for years to come!

"This Floral Greeting Cards class is perfect for the aspiring artist that want short, easy to follow lessons, and the confidence to make it happen!"

These aren't just gifts for the receiver...

The truth is... These are as much a gift to you as it is to your recipient!

Why do I say that..?

These cards are SO FUN to create!

Not only that, there's nothing quite like seeing the look on a person's face when they realize you hand painted this card just for them.

You're not just creating super fun, colorful cards.

You're creating joy, love, excitement, and so much more that you get to share!

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A Sneak Peek At Why This Is A Must-Get!

In this class, you're going to gain...

  • Creative Design Skills: Unleash your inner artist and design stunning floral patterns for your greeting cards
  • Floral Painting Techniques: Learn to bring flowers to life with different mediums, creating vibrant, realistic colors.
  • Card Making Expertise: From choosing the right materials to adding the finishing touches, master the art of card making.
  • Bonus Lessons: Get 4 Christmas & holiday designs so you can create the perfect cards for the holiday season!

Let’s Paint Floral Greeting Cards

Get Instant Access To All Of These Benefits!

  • ​​A Dozen Floral Designs: Want to paint greeting cards, just aren't sure what designs to create? No problem!
  • Valuable Skills: You will learn how to choose the right materials, create designs, and apply the right techniques to get cards you are proud of!
  • Bonus Holiday Cards: Feel a sense of accomplishment and artistic growth while expressing your feelings through your artwork.
  • ​​Supportive Community ($$$ Priceless): Gain insight & ideas from both me & other artists that are taking this course inside our Facebook group - and share your favorite designs!!
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Get ALL This For Just $37!


You will receive an email with your login information immediately after purchasing, so you can start painting within minutes!


Lessons are recorded on high quality equipment, so you can have crisp, clear videos anywhere in the world!


Access your lessons from any device! Use a smartphone, tablet, or computer to apply your newfound painting skills!


My lessons are designed in a way that allows you to break down my techniques and tricks in an easy to follow way!


The learning does not stop there!

By joining this class today you will gain exclusive access to a live painting session with me in August!

Students of mine LOVE joining these live painting sessions! Here's why:

  • We will create additional paintings NOT included in the current class lessons
  • You can interact with both me & fellow artists and draw inspiration from the work you see in the painting session
  • Ask questions about the class, things you are struggling with, or general advice for me to answer on the live call!
This unique workshop isn't found in most other classes!

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